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Long Term Care - Insurance Coverage

The phrase "long-term care," or LTC, refers to either helping or watching over an individual that is unable to take care of basic daily tasks on their own. Long-term care can take place at a residence, a nursing home, an assisted living facility or in a day care that serves adults.

Long-term care insurance helps ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it most, whether it is because you become sick, get hurt or are simply too old to effectively care for yourself on your own. This type of insurance is extremely beneficial for your family, as it keeps the burden of your care off of their shoulders. Applying premiums to your policy helps keep you safe over time.

This is something you should start thinking about now, as insurance generally costs less when you are younger. We talk to you about your situation and your needs and help you figure out what options are available to you, in addition to your general medicare insurance.

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